Our Pre- Retiree group of clients are aged 50-65 and are contemplating retiring within five years. They are not certain about how to best prepare their finances to achieve the lifestyle they want in retirement. Typically, their financial situation is strong and is a testament to their positive and aspirational behaviour. On occasion, these clients have found themselves dealing with uncertainty as a result of an unexpected change in their finances either through inheritance or a windfall.

If this is you, this is how we can help

We help our Pre-Retiree clients to clearly identify the lifestyle they want after they leave work and to prepare their finances to get them on the right track for retirement.

During an initial consultation, at our cost, we will agree upon the key issues that you feel may need attention in your finances. We then ask questions about all aspects of your financial life, including your short, medium and long term goals. We will help you understand the appropriate investment for your personality (i.e. high risk, low risk or a mix of both). Combining knowledge of your situation and our experience, we can give you an on the spot assessment about opportunities to improve your circumstances.

What outcomes might be expected?

Once you have asked us to move forward and provide formal advice to improve your circumstances, we will give you written recommendations that meet your identified objectives. Our Pre-Retiree clients who have been through this process say they have a clear understanding of what needs to be done to be able to retire when they want. At the end of the process, these clients have typically commenced a salary sacrifice arrangement, may have utilised a Transition to Retirement strategy, have adequate reserves, and have diversified investment portfolios that match their risk profile to maximise their financial security in preparation for their impending retirement. These clients are confident that when the date of their partial or full retirement arrives, they know what income they will be able to draw, they know what lifestyle they will be enjoying, and they know how long their funds will last.

See some examples of the clients we currently help within this client group

Ian* is still working in a very busy and demanding job. He has no immediate retirement plans but likes to keep a very close eye on his affairs. He has a high level of contact and is very conscious of being in a financially secure position come retirement time. Ian has been able to assist family members that have needed financial help. He remains anxious about his affairs, however invests relatively aggressively considering his concerns. He feels comfortable doing this as he knows his funds are actively monitored with him enjoying his monthly updates on the market. 

Redfern, NSW

Bruce* still works and intends on doing so for a few more years. As a single man in his early fifties, he leads a very busy and healthy social life enjoying spending time with family and having an active relationship with his nieces and nephews and their children. Bruce takes a great deal of comfort in knowing that his funds are actively monitored and that he is kept well informed with regular updates as to how his funds are travelling and if there are any changes that should be made. Bruce enjoys the peace of mind of being a Priority Client and the comfort of knowing that when the time comes to retire, he will be financially secure.

Artarmon, NSW* 

Names have been changed for privacy reasons. 

We can provide you with contact details for some of our existing clients (with their permission). You can speak with them to find out more about how we work and what their experience with us has been like.

Get In Touch With Us

Allan H     Warriewood 

My reasons for being a client of Future Funds are:
Proximity of office, allows more face to face.
All dealings have been extremely professional.
Comfortable meetings-put at ease etc.
Extremely comfortable with Fund Managers being recommended.
Staff always professional & ready to help
Confidentiality always apparent.
The Priority Service makes me feel important not just one of the bunch, costs a little more but service is fantastic.

Doug 0     Perth 

Short answer to both questions; Being part of a group, and dealing with people we trust!

John F     Avalon 

Being a client means receiving trusted and sound advice in a timely manner with no pretences and no hard sell. The Priority Service means continuity of personal service with close attention to the details.

Margaret W     Newington 

Being a client of Future Funds has been a very steep learning curve, in a good way, for me. Financial matters have always been a mystery to me, but Grant Simpson’s very clear, concise and patient explanations and advice have given me confidence in my choice of Future Funds. The Priority Service has given me a feeling of security as I approach retirement.

Ray H     Blackett 

I'm pleased to be a part of Future Funds because of your methods, advice and regular contact. Also prompt replies to any concerns. Friendly Staff. For me, the Priority Service is about the regular keeping in touch and reports (monthly) which gives one peace of mind in these uncertain times. Also the need to alter investments immediately if necessary.